Wednesday, January 30, 2008

college so far..

hey girls!! seems that everyone is too busy to update..
but we can't leave this blog dead!!
so here i am.. hehe..

it has been 3 weeks since college started..
times flies huh?
received my AS results last monday..
didn't do quite well though..
CBAA for Thinking Skills, Bio, Chem and Maths..XD

how about you, Danusha?
i believe you fared well.. am i right?

can no longer resit for any of the papers..
cos the dateline is today.. so yeah..
have to work harder and smarter if i want straight A's!

i haven't actually used any techniques we learned..
cos i have no idea how to use them with my syllabuses..
it seems complicated, too many important points..
did any of you attempted the techniques? *wonders*

and the process universities' application is tiring..
have been waiting for months and yet no reply from 2 of them!
gonna submit the next 2 applications tomorrow..
so last minute.. hehe.. but that's just me..=P

oh btw, i have added Nicole's and my blog links in here..
you all are always welcome to pay a visit.. =)

miss ya all.. and do update SOON!! *hugs*

Sunday, January 6, 2008

1st post of the year?

why nobody updated anything? too busy? *wonders*

i cut my hair few days ago..
like shorter by the length of one whole palm of mine!
no pictures, lazy to post.. so wait till we meet up..=P

had my first driving lesson this afternoon..
freaky experience but quite enjoyable..
the moment i stepped out of the driver's seat
my legs practically vibrated!!

weird huh?
i think my instructor had a heart-attacking 2-hour tour!
hopefully i can get my licence real soon..=)

school term has started.. college starting soon..
but i am still in a holiday mood.. haha..
have fun ya all! *hugs*

Friday, December 28, 2007


Hey..well this is weird. As with davinia, this is my first time blogging so here it goes. Well its been one week since I came back from camp and to be totally honest, I haven't been applying any of those techniques so far:P Camp was fun (esp the part when we girls all sat together 'sharing life experiences' and swimming in ice cold water!) but boy am I glad to come back to home food again. Its bad enough having that kinda food when I'm in college. Certainly don't need more of it when I'm on holiday lol.

On a different note, Merry Christmas to all! I don't know what it is about this year but things seem more quiet than usual. Or is it just me?
Anyways, look forward to seeing you guys soon!

P.S. This song (Dig by Incubus) has been stuck in my head for days so thought I'd share it. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


here davinia 1st time blogging..thanks to keerath who came up with the idea...oh yea thanks to yeanc for creating ya..

i met 6 challenging individuals(all gurls) during the camp at genting on 17th many thoughts were running through my mind at that time..i neva thought i would get along so well with all the 6 of them...our 1st night there was really fun...we sat n talked for hours...well girls...i wouldnt say v were gossiping..its called sharing real life experiences wit friends in my dictionary...

other than that we had tele matches n went swimming....swimming in genting is not a gud idea...we were practically shivering in the water...not to forget we even walked 2 km up to gohtong jaya juz to get snacks(melvin lied that it was 1km away)...oppss...heheh...

the 4 days there was really nice...i had serious fun with all the 6 girls...that was what UV always reminded us to have serious fun!A big thanks to my mum who sent me for this regrets at all....

here i am!

i couldn't stand looking at an empty blog..
so i shall post something for a start.. hehe..

this is how our story started..
long long time ago..
ok, wait.. it's quite recent!

lets restart! a couple of days ago..

7 gals who were absolute strangers to each other..
(with exception of 2 sisters) met at a camp called

FIRE-UP LEARNING organised by 2 sifu-s
Mr Jeyaraman a.k.a Jeya and Mr UV Wong..

there were 8 other guys present too..=)

since we spent around 84 hours in a row together,
we started bonding quite well.. and we had serious fun!!
from sharing real life experience a.k.a. gossip,
to brainstorming, laughing, swimming,
gaining and burning calories to camwhoring i guess?

so now, time for pictures!

us with the 2 sifu-s

the guys

L-R: Daven, Tzer Shyang, Vinod, Jack, Danusha

L-R: Keerath, Meng Yean, Wai Yi, Harsimrath, Yen Ling

L-R: Garvinesh, Nicole, Tagen, Davinia, Melvin

i am really sorry if i had spelt any names wrongly..
please correct me if i did.. =)

anyway, miss spending time with you gals!!
we'll see each other in a month?
or maybe in a week if new year day's plan still goes on?
till then! XOXO